The "house" brand of Aster + Clove, Coral + Cloud is a handmade accessories brand designed by A+C owner Miko, inspired (always) by her daughter Saya, and crafted by a small team of local mamas - Tara, Vera, Kellie, and Carie.

Our pieces are known for their unique colour ways and asymmetrical designs, using natural wooden beads and upcycled fabrics. Durable, comfortable, and heirloom quality - our designs appeal equally to woman and child.

Necklaces and bracelets are small batch and limited edition pieces strung on soft, stretchy fabrics. They come in sizes for toddler to adult and are always both stylish and comfortable. Mobiles and garlands are suitable for a nursery, child's room, or make a great accent piece or centrepiece in any room of the house.

Shop our collections here and find a list of our stores here. To inquire about carrying our products in your store, email us at!

 Photo: Jessica Jacobson Photography