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What's in your Easter Basket?

(Our shop kids can help you out!)

It's a fact, we've got too many amazing ideas for your kiddos' Easter Baskets... so we asked our own kids to pick their three favourite gift ideas. Miko's daughter Saya is 7 years old, Wendy's daughters are Sanne (8 years) and Emma (4 years). Following are the girls' top picks from our Easter Collection, and their adorable explanations of why they chose these items.

S  A  Y  A

Pink Camera

I like this camera because it makes a lot of one thing [it has a kaleidoscope effect], and you can take off the pink lens. I really like that it's made of wood.

Pink Luggy Basket

Pink is a really nice colour and it's fun pulling it around. And you can put stuff in it so it's easier to move around the house. 

Rosie Romper Bunny

She's the cutest of all the bunnies, and I like her romper. It makes me hungry because the flowers look like strawberries. 





S  A  N  N  E

The Unicorn in the Barn

Because it's about unicorns and it's a really fun and interesting story. The pictures are very detailed but still black and white. It is a thick book so it lasts a long time. 

Star Dominos

These are stars AND they are dominos! I like all the different colours. You can put them in a line up and when you push one they all go down.


Linen Cuddle Bunny Juliette

I like that it's big so you can cuddle it and the dress is so cute. 

E  M  M  A

Wakka Water Toy
It's a really fun game. It has circles in pretty colours and the water goes 'shhhhh' when you push the buttons and that's really cool. 

Bunny Headband

I like to pretend to be something like a bunny or I could be a unicorn with it too. I like the green one most because that is my favourite colour. If there was a rainbow one I would choose that. 

Bunny Clips

They are funny and the bunnies look a little sad. Also because I think they are pretty. Actually I like those watermelon ones too, and the ice cream. I actually like all the clips....